The four Realms Of Chaos

"Your Realm to Imagine, Ours to Create"- 4ROC


We are now 


3D printing as a


to our customers!

  • We print small high detail models in resin and larger models in PLA plastic. 

  • Resin is much more expensive and is messy to deal with but yields amazing results. Our resin printer is also small so we make our smaller high quality models with it. Resin isn't as strong of a material and can break if you drop the model from a decent height. So take care of your resin minis. 

  • PLA Plastic is a strong, non-toxic material that we like to print large busts or models with. It still produces awesome detail which can be seen in the boar above which is about 4 inches long and made completely from PLA! 

Pricing for 3D Printing

  • Pricing will vary depending on what is being printed and the size. 

  • Pricing includes cleaning models after their supports are removed. 

(Supports are shown on the transparent miniatures below as an example  for how they looked like when they are printed)

Resin Printing-

For a 28-32 mm model: ~$15

For example, a hero forge miniature without a mount would be $15 to print. 

Bulk Pricing for Resin Models-

If you want to get a few miniatures printed at the same time I can give you a discount.

For 4+ miniatures printed in resin I will take $5 off each model's printing cost. 

So for 4 hero forge models it would be $40 total.  

PLA Plastic Printing-

~20-25 cents per gram of material used. 

For example, the blue factory themed base (made for a warhammer 40k imperial knight) was:

~ 60 grams which would be between $12-15 and it is 6.5 inches long

For a quote please let us know what model you 

would like printed and the size of the model. 

For PLA I put the model in my printing 

program for an estimate in material.

Custom Sculpting Service

Sidney, one of the owners of Four Realms of Chaos has been venturing into the world of 3d sculpting. He has also taken courses using clay. Sid digitally sculpted the boar to our left, the colorful big smiling beast in the PLA examples, and most of what you see on this necromancer's base including the magic and books. If you're interested in having something designed from scratch or added to a model let us know and we will go from there and create a budget to work with. 

Resin Examples

PLA Plastic Examples